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A practical journey

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Credit Card or cash.


At the departure, there is a gift shop. At the top, there are ventas selling Spanish products.
TOKI ONA : 0033 5 59 54 28 07 (at the bottom)


There are car parks just near the train-station of departure. However, it may full during rush hours.


There are various bars and restaurants :

  • Les 3 fontaines : 0033 5 59 54 20 80 (at the bottom)
  • Le Pullman : 0033 5 59 54 20 11 (at the bottom)
  • Sandwich store : 00 335 59 54 54 87 (at the bottom)
  • Udako etxea (ANTXUNE) : 0034 948 631 115 (at the top)
  • Larrungo Kailoa (MARITX): 0034 948 631 041 (at the top)
  • Larrungain (PENA) : 0034 948 631 100 (at the top)


The summit culminates at 905 meters, the weather differs frequently from those of the Basque Country
Don’t forget warm clothing to protect you from the cold, wind and rain.
Weather info provided at the train station of departure. Météo France ( weather station) Dial 0899 71 02 64 or 32 50.

In the surrounding areas

SARE : The “Petit Train de la Rhune” is located in the town of Sare, one of “the most beautiful villages in France” 10km from Saint Jean de Luz.
As the proverb goes, “Saran Astia” means : ” In Sare we have plenty of time”. This village of the Labourd region, situated only 15km from the coast is worthy of a stop for a few moments, just the time needed to breath inthe authentic air, here where life has a perfectly true flavour.

Napoleon III and Eugenie, Winston Churchill, Pierre Loti, Luis Mariano, etc, all loved the authentic Basque feel of this village.

The red half-timbered, white houses, some of which date from the 16th century, and the so generously green first massif of the Pyrenees, invite you for a stroll to savour the beauty, authenticity and rarity of this site.
Visitors are taken in by the generous gastronomy and array of festivities offered at this location.

To discover Sare and its many activities take a look at the web site.