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Person with reduced mobility

With disabled access

With its old design, it can present few difficulties for person with reduced mobility. Our staff, who is well aware of this situation, will do everything to ensure access for everyone.

Parking spot

There are currently 6 disabled parking spot, but there are currently plans by local authorities to extend the car park.

Reduced fares

Reduced fares are only applicable for disabled card holders. There is no reduced fare for helpers unless the disabled card stipulates “requires support” .

Guide dogs for the blind are welcome free of charge.

Access to the train

To get on the train there are 2 steps each measuring 30 cm. Wheelchairs must be folded on the train. Seating during the journey is on wooden benches.

Access to toilets and ventas (shops):

  • At the station below there are toilets wide enough to take a wheelchair.
  • At the summit the only venta (shop) with disabled access is down on the left (Udako Etxea), however these toilets are narrow.

Access to the summit:

  • There is an access ramp on the left leading to the summit and the restaurant Udako Etxea, but this requires a helper.
  • The orientation table can only be accessed by steps (around 60).
  • You can do a return journey on the train without getting off or remain on the platform at the summit.