Opening hours

La Rhune’s railway opens it’s doors the Saturday 06 of June.


Departure and return’s hours :

each departure goes with a return (check colours)MORNINGAFTERNOON
DEPARTURES         9:30am– 10:00am11:00am12:00am
 1:15pm2:15pm– 3:15- 4:15pm  
RETURNS         11:00am– 12:00am–  1:15pm–  2:15pm 3:15pm4:15pm– 5:15- 6:15pm  

Trip time way : 35 minutes

Please note: people climbing on foot cannot book or buy their return.

To buy your tickets:

  • Booking only by phone on : 0033 5 59 54 20 26
  • Payment of your booked ticket at the box office showing the reservation only with credit card.