Entertainment at the top of “la Rhune”

Free activities for children and their parents !


Survival training

To Monday, july 9 from Friday, august 31 – To monday from friday (except tuesday)

It’s only at 8:20 am

With two organizers, you can participate at workshop and try different survival method. Like make a fire, protect themselves from the cold,…


Release of birds*

Every Sunday 

Presentation of bird in its natural environment.

* If the weather is bad , we can cancel this prestation. 


Festival of Science

Weekend from 6 – 7 October

You can participate at different entertaining workshops about Astronomy, Meteorology and Electrecity.



Discover Monde du Minuscule

To Monday, october 22 from Friday, november 2 To monday from Friday

Meet our organizer and discover – learn different insects and their environment. For example Butterfly, ladybird,…